spring clamp mop wringer mop bucket electric hot plate electric kettle  
  electric coffee maker auto-electric toaster rice cooker washing machine  
  electric pressing irons cabin fans vacuum cleaner leather palm gloves  
  steel toe rubber boots safety work boots safety work shoes rain suits with hood  
  hatch sealing tape airless paint sprayers parkas clinometers  
  twistlocks pilot ladders steps for pilot ladder gangway net  
  marine cast iron valves pneumatic rubber fenders rope & hawsers cloth sealing tape  
  scupper plugs machino hose coupling oil jugs rule parallel plastic plain  
  storz hose coupling chemical protection suits O-ring kits ear muffs  
  angle radiator brushes marine aneroid barometers hand anemometers radio room clocks  
  marine clocks pneumatic driven winches world clock day signals  
  nautical sextants sounding leads sounding rods chart dividers  
  marine foams illuminated magnifiers signal bells marine window wipers  
  mini paint rollers paint roller try and buckets wire cup brush wire cup brushes  
  corn broom long handled non skid mesh sheet walnut shell grain pneumatic drum pumps  
  tank cleaning machine tank cleaning hose hold cleaning gun portable electric drill  
  angle grinder, electric chipping hammer punching tool set lapping compound  
  emery tape, abrasive compact gas torches sounding tapes platform trucks & carriers  
  marine cast iron gate valves marine bronze valves marine bronze valves marine bronze valves  
  marine bronze valves marine cast iron valves rat guards marine cast iron valves  
  marine watertight joint boxes devcon plastic steel putty anti-seize compound thistlebond glass tapes  
  pneumatic scaling hammers dust mask disposable copper ring kits copper wool filters  
  flag hooks and blocks welder's goggles anti-splashing tape valve seat cutters  
  marine cast iron gate valves slotted V-gard safety helmets navigation lamps tubular navigation lamps  
  flexible extension hose cargo light 5 lamp holders reflective tapes nakajima hose coupling  
  marine cast iron globe valves John Morris hose coupling pilot lamps anticorrosive tape  
  boilersuits (short / long sleeve and winter type) international shore connections  
  emergency oil spill response containers hatch cover spare parts & rubber pads  
  softframe single lens goggles 3-position fog nozzle, 40mm-65mm  
  all kinds of shackles / turnbuckles/ anchor chains / blocks norwegian hose coupling  
  all kind of warning reflective tapes single end shut off coupler  
  all spare parts for scaling machine electrical KC 50 / 60 USA pin type hose coupling  
  cast bronze air hose couplings all kind of cam and groove couplings  
  master key system padlock & keys nylon deck brush w/long handle  
  all kinds of merchant flags and international code of signals triangle nautical kent-type  
  all kinds of needles and spare parts for jet chisels immersion suit - HYF-1, HYF-2  
  leak detectors "super color check" deck scalers electrical ( M-Tool 200)  
  scaling machine electrical KC 50 / 60 deck scalers pneumatic (KC 100)  
  stencil letter and figure sets watertight hand lamps  
  grease lubricators air operated cutter gasket & washer  
  marine bronze hose valves F 7334 marine bronze and cast iron hose valves  
  mercury reflector lamps (hf /hrf / bhf/bhrf) starter for fluorescent lamps (FG)  
  holder electrode angle type all kind of thermometers in metal protection  
  halogen lamps for Suez canal search light flat reflector lamps (RF-H / RS-H)  
  salinometer for seawater (deck & engine room) marine bronze hose valves angle F 7334  
  fluorescent lamps (fl)
fluorescent lamps rapid start (flr)
fluorescent lamps circle (FCL)
fluorescent lamps circle, rapid start (FCR)
  strong flashlight,6 cells watertight 3-pin twin receptacles  
  watertight 3- pin plug & receptacle (bronze / brass / nylon) non-watertight cable plug & receptacles  
  marine watertight type wall lights and glass globes strong flashlight and rechargeable flashlight  
  safety approved lanterns and batteries watertight plug & receptacle  
  marine watertight type small rotary switches    
  Permatex products (fast orange, all kinds of glues, form gasket, O-ring splice kit, electrical cleaners, lubricants)  
  IMO symbols & safety signs, training and safety posters, photo luminescent tape, pipe identification tape  
  high pressure sodium lamps (nh /nhf/nht/nhr/j/jtt)  
  pneumatic jet chisels (JC16, MN240 old, MN 240new, MN280)